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Jobs, Where are They?

Posted on: October 21, 2015 9:00 am

Jobs: Where are they? “A Conversation, the keys for those that need them”

Introduction.  Let me take you back 50 years ago. Your local newspaper that carries the “want ads” for those looking for a job had how many listings, five full pages, six? For the recent college graduates they were even able to sign up at many companies that sent people to interview and take applications. How many got offers from the interviews, all of them. Lets’ face it, the only people without jobs were those who couldn’t, or wouldn’t work. This was a common  experience:

  • Five job offers to choose from
  • All competitive for their industry

Back to the Future - A Quick Look at what happen.

1. Were you there when the USA said ‘no more gold backing the greenbacks? This is the beginning of the serious problems. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin, to get an unbiased history. We, the people, were conned!

2. Examine the record; see our ratio of government debt to national income, then & now

3. Do you remember back when the first credit card was issued by a gas & oil company. The credit limit was $100.00; now where is it?

3. And what was the buying power relation to your earned dollar. Was one dollar worth it?

Now what? OK lets’ identify the Keys

 Enough on some of the major reasons and let us get back to putting people back in Jobs.

This conversation will not attempt to go into all of the factors but will focus  on tactics. They will involve action/activities that deliver results that we need.

First Key, I believe you agree that the federal, state and local government entities or initiatives have been a major force. The best thing that can be said about them is, yes they have created a lot of jobs, the government kind. However, still only a half-page of want-ads and then only for warehouse, fast food, and delivery jobs. How does one live on a gross of $ 400 per week and raise 2.2 kids (go figure). And how does the college graduate go from a fast-food job to a real job that matches their education provided skills?

            How many job interviews have you been involved in? How many potential candidates have you interviewed? How many new hires have you seen that do not even bother to show up for their first day of work?

            Well, we have seen since 2000 an upsurge of specialty educational outlets, the “eight weeks and get the job of your dreams”. Granted, the medical industry is growing fast but who is seeking a career in changing bed-pans, making up beds, the messes all over the place. Sure it has to be done, God bless them souls. Yes there are professionals and they are not included in the prior statement. Okay, some of training is good and can lead to better, improved living standards. The biggest proof positive about getting the training is that it shows the Hiring Company that here is a person working hard to improve themselves and maybe will have good work ethics – time will tell, right!

Second Key, I guess you could see that the First Key was a review of what jobs are predominantly available and some of the challenges faced by the applicant and those of the HR department. Now let us look at what are some of the currently techniques, methods used in hiring and attracting candidates. Then identify the some of the best ones. But first here are some of major humiliations suffered by the seeking applicants:

  1. Have you seen the ‘want ad’ “looking for great benefits, make up to $12.50/hour”. Then find out the line to sign-up has over 400 people in it and it does not include the many that sent in resumes. Depressing right?
  2. Did you ever go to the “Job Exposition” with more than 50 employers there? A maze to go through and then finally talk to someone, they give you a paper that says ‘please go to our website and put your resume there.’
  3. Next, after many job fairs, etc., you decide to call up and ask the receptionist at some un-named company that was at the Fair and ask, “who I can talk to about your job openings”. You get the ‘we do not have any now’, or maybe get ‘they are posted on our web page’. You have experienced the famous- “you can’t get by me designated Gatekeeper”.
  4. Here is an interesting FACT, depending on your source, after you have searched, “what is the Real unemployment rate” and you will discover that 14.0 to 22.0 million eligible workers are looking for work. Stated as a percent that is between 15.1% and 17.1 %. So, what does this 5.4% unemployment number mean? Check the formula, go figure.
  5. Any way you look at it, there is a lot of competition to find a job.

Lets’ Find a ‘good’ job

Here we are as a society trying to do the ‘right thing’.  Making it possible, in this example, to help a person find a job, any job. Okay, you decide, how is it working for you, for society? Over 14 million out of work what does that tell us?

Third Key, the solution

You need a dedicated resource that works only for you.

  1. One that is not ‘commission based’.

  2. One that helps you & improves your life.

  3. One that is not on the government payroll.

  4. One that is compassionate.

  5. One that is empathetic

  6. One that is considerate

  7. One that works hard at it

    The answer is a person working as your personal champion, a concierge service of sorts.

    ‘You can if you think you can’

    Authored by: Mitch Morgan,

    A community service by ‘V3 Technical Services, LLC’ (find us at

    ‘Always looking for considerate people interested in volunteering for such, an effort. If interested, please send an email to:’

V3 is “Serving our Clients, Community, and Country”

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